Delhi-The Heart Of India

Delhi is the capital of India. All the dignitaries and top official live here. This place is a seat of Parliament house, Supreme Court and the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Delhi is a house to various small courts also. It represents a mini India. It is one of the third largest cities of India. It is one of the greenest cities of the world. It is a mix of cultural and modern ethics. Delhi police force is one of the largest police forces of the metropolitans in the world. Delhi is divided into nine police zones with 95 police stations. The Service sector of Delhi is very developed. It has invaribly expanded with large skilled English speaking workforce. People from all over India are attracted to this place because of the presence of multnational companies. Key service industries include information technology, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media and tourism. Delhi’s manufacturing industry has also grown considerably as many established manufacturing units and headquarters in and around Delhi. Delhi’s large consumer market, coupled with the easy availability of skilled labour, has developed a lot.

DelhiThe population of Delhi is rising. The per capita income, better living standars and high economic rate has attracted various sections of people in search of better opportunities. Due to this migrations rate, it is the one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is putting extra pressure. However the high economic growth rate has resulted in a rise in demand of basic necesseties like transport. Like many other cities in developing world, this city also faces the various management problems. There is rise in air pollution. The history of Dehi is very old. It was popularly known as Indraprastha during the period of Mahabharta. It was the capital city of Pandavs. There are several evidences that have shown that it was a capital of several empires in ancient period. It has rich treasure of many ancient monuments and archaeological sites. It is located in North India.

DelhiIt has been an important cultural, political and intellectual centre. Delhi has great treasure of various historical heritages like Kutub Minar. It is a multi storeyed building which was built by Qut-ud-din.Another historical monument is Red Fort. This is a place worth seeing. It is made up of red bricks. There are multiple things which depict the lifestyle of royal people. The carvings done on the pieces of marble present a very unique site. Every evening a hi-tech show is organised to recall the important events. Delhi food is a mix of various cuisines which include Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi and Rajasthani.

There are various other things which make Delhi very popular. The zari work and embrodiary work which is done in Delhi is very unique and there are lots of artisans which make it a very unique place for the embrodiary work. There are special markets which make it very unique place like Hauz Khas and Zari bazaar. Lots of muslim artists are engaged in the work of making products of handicrafts like purses, bags, clothes and juttis. Connought place is the other hub of Delhi which has various commercial shops. Chandini chowk is the place where jewellery items are sold for a number of centuries.